Change is Hard.

They say that changing jobs is the second most stressful event that you can experience… second only to death in the family. That’s pretty goshdarn stressful.

My dad has changed jobs only twice since he’s graduated high school… and maybe he’s onto something! The funny thing is, I’m no stranger to changing jobs, but every single time it hits me like a ton of bricks. Truthfully, I don’t handle it well. I break out, I sleep 9 hours every night and my body tenses so badly that yoga is pointless. My problem is my worrying… I worry if I made a bad first impression with someone. I worry if I’m off to a slow start. I worry if I’m doing something wrong. I worry about fitting in overall.

At the end of the day (or at the end of a very long week) I have to let it all go! People will think what they think! And if I’m behind, I’ll catch up! IMG_3563 IMG_3599 IMG_3627My newfound obsession with black and white polka dots has gotten a little out of hand! But seriously, how cute is that skirt? It’s a little shorter than what I’m used to, but I couldn’t resist that very Kate Spade-look! And I know you think these pants are crazy… because they ARE! I wore them to Portland and I actually heard snickers and saw smirks. This time I wore them on a cold and cloudy day where they were flapping around in the wind and I loved it! They’re so wickedly comfortable and I feel powerful in them! However, you can’t go down stairs too quickly or your heels might get snagged and you could very gracefully stumble those final few steps.

IMG_3567 IMG_3613Two very different days… two very different emotions. I know it’s the last thing on earth that I should be fretting about… and yet I simply cannot ignore when I feel a connection with someone. My ego is slightly bruised when they don’t feel the same.

IMG_3577 Yoga on a quiet, rainy Sunday morning in the park.

IMG_3612  The weather has been so damn schitzo, but the few hours of sunshine (always when I get home) have been heavenly.

IMG_3615  Admittedly obsessed with A Beautiful Mess app! I love that it makes little corners of my house look a little more whimsical than usual!

IMG_3629_2 I’ve been walking past these flowers everyday and I had to stop and take of picture of the delicate petals with their pretty freckle patterns!

IMG_3644_2 This week had completely wiped me out and I’m completely exhausted, but I’m going to try my hardest to explore new places and do new things this weekend!

IMG_3569 Thought I’d leave you with another fun fact about me… I was Freshman Baroness for Homecoming court! This happened entirely by accident. I think our class was confused on who to nominate and didn’t realize that these kind of things typically went to the popular kids, rather than the “normie’s”! Regardless, it was a dramatic night full of hugs, fighting and of course, dancing. (Also featured in the picture: a spray tan)


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