Sunny Side of the Street

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It’s the littlest details about moving from California to Washington that seem strange… for example: I had my sunglasses in their case for 6 months straight. I didn’t need sunglasses for SIX MONTHS. In San Diego, grabbing my sunglasses was as normal as grabbing my keys when I left my house. In Washington, I had to dust off my sunglasses.

I don’t own adorable sunnies like these beautiful women in Vogue, I just have the basic black RayBan wayfarers. But there’s something indefinitely cool about sunglasses. Just like reading glasses, they have to fit to your unique face shape and coloring. And more so that reading glasses, they can be fun, asserting your personality and whimsy. I want to be seen as “classic”, so I chose the most classic pair that you could choose, but people like my sister and some of my friends choose sunglasses based on their mood and season. I’m not sure I could be daring enough to wear sunglasses with flowers blooming out of the eyebrows, or colorful lenses, but I applaud others who can!

So what about you? Now that it’s summertime weather for just about everyone, what’s your go-to pair? Are you a seasonal sunglasses connoisseur? Are you a one-pair person like myself?


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