Quiet Little Moments

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Now that I’m a boring adult, I’m always reminiscing those long, boring summers of my teenage years. Laying out in the backyard, reading a ridiculous number of books, late nights doing nothing with friends, scorching hot music festivals and aimless car rides with boyfriends.

While I can never go back to those long hot months, I’ve been able to take some time off these past couple of weeks to really relax and enjoy the rare heat wave passing through Seattle (I swear, the beautiful weather was arranged just for me!). This meant a lot of ice cream, bike rides and reading in parks. It was a quiet, lonely stretch of days, filled with everything that I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. This next month is going to be hectic, overwhelming and so incredibly exciting. I’ll give more information later (I’m superstitious when speaking about things that haven’t happened yet!) but I’ve enjoyed my mini summer vacation!


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