Cloud Nine

IMG_3373 IMG_3374 IMG_3381 IMG_3385 IMG_3402 IMG_3408IMG_3403Due to lack of funds and vacation time… it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be staying at a hotel again this year! I figured that this weekend I’d make the most of my one night out of town and go to a hotel that I’ve only fantasized about, The Nines in Portland. I mean… just LOOK at those pictures! And that doesn’t even do it justice! Is it possible that a bed can be too comfortable? The bathroom too big? What is turn down service anyway? There was a beautiful rooftop bar, perfect for the world’s strangest people watching, a dreamy lobby, complete with handsome chesterfield couches and a HIDDEN LIBRARY. I’d like to say that I channeled my inner Nancy Drew and found the room all on my own, but in reality I asked three people and then someone actually opened the unmarked door for me! I mean… obviously the hotel would’ve been a better fit if I was on a romantic weekend getaway… but staying with my aunt was a great time too!


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