Highly Caffeinated


I finally made my way to Cafe Besalu for a quick morning breakfast. It was the best quiche that I’ve ever had. And because I’ve been so stressed out lately, and consequently drinking an exorbitant amount of energy drinks, coffee and soda, I cut out caffeine for the entire weekend! Well, that is if you don’t count chocolate. I ate and drank chocolate. Kind of a lot, really.


IMG_3265 Secretly, I’m kind of good at bowling. I guess I do a weird little run to get momentum, but hey it works! Triple digits every time! Geez… I’m basically the least active person ever.


So funny story… Casie decides that she wants to go to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch. Sure! I say. She orders a waffle and I flip open to see the specials. Oh lucky me! They’ve made a non-veggie option: a BLT! Surely enough I get my dish… with bright red “bacon”… and crumbly “turkey”… on WHOLE WHEAT BREAD. Needless to say, I ate the LT, no B. I’m never, ever going to a vegetarian restaurant again.

IMG_3239 Trina and I sure do know out way around a photobooth. (I’m the Playboy bunny and she’s the excitable cop!) That night I disco-danced and sang Journey at the top of my lungs. Saturday nights just don’t get better than that!


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