Good Morning!


There are a lot of people who slide into their car every morning and drive to work Monday-Friday, taking zero notice of anything around them.

For the past 10 months, I’ve walked a mile to and from work, up and down Queen Anne hill. I’ve seen daffodils bloom, puppies grow to dogs and every variation of weather, from snowy mornings to the hottest afternoons. Some days I’ve walked slowly, taking in every detail and other days I’ve walked quickly, wanting nothing more than to make it to work on time, or home to relax on my couch. In a way, it’s really hard not to own a car, but in another sense, I’ve been so fortunate to make this walk everyday. I smiled and greeted every person that I passed, and was lucky to experience the world around me before truly beginning my day.

I know I’m a dreamer, and I probably pay too much attention to the details around me, but I hope that more people take the time to notice the little idiosyncrasies of their environment. That they walk slower, smile at strangers and notice flowers blooming. I think the world would be a better place!

IMG_3249 IMG_3275 IMG_3277 IMG_3292


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