Weird Week

My Friday night basically consisted of me melting into my couch. This week was mentally, emotionally and even physically exhausting!

IMG_3194 Friday was a big day for me… I took my first taxi all by myself! (I have an irrational fear of taxis) Murals like this one brightened up that rainy afternoon for me!

IMG_3172 Geez these blossoms are really getting the best of me. They’re taking over Seattle and making it the most beautiful city on the planet!

IMG_3184 This adorable lesbian couple reminded me of my best friend and the picnics we used to have! Like this one back in 2008:


I missed her especially this week because she had her wisdom teeth pulled and I wasn’t there! I fondly remember my wisdom teeth removal… I watched so many movies, read so many magazines, took so many naps and ate SO MUCH ice cream! If I could, I’d get my wisdom teeth pulled every year! Kait was there to help me out of the dentist’s office and into bed at home and laughed at my drugged up state. I wish I could’ve been there for hers! (And yes, I’m super creepy for taking this photo, I know.)

IMG_3197 I’ve been watching Hannibal maybe a little too intensely… or maybe just paying too much attention to the news… but how creepy is this? I walk past it everyday on the way to work and something just doesn’t seem right about it!

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