Back in the Swing of Things

This week I really got back into the swing of things. I took meetings, made phone calls and got down to business! I was exhausted every night when I got home… but I think it was well worth it!


I bought daffodils (and the new Vanity Fair) to brighten up the office, because the weather has been pretty rough this week! April, I think there’s a chance that you’re taking the “April showers” stereotype a little too seriously!


In other news, I’m back to walking to work everyday and in my absence a gatrillion tulips have popped up! It almost makes a fair trade for exercise!


I’ve been trying to come up with an idea of how to get involved in Seattle, but my paralyzing fear of meeting an entirely new group of people has fought against me! Finally, on Saturday I found myself in a room with 800 strangers. Some people were alone, some with with huge groups of friends, some with a boyfriend or girlfriend. In a situation that normally gives me incredible anxiety, I felt at peace. The room was filled with people who love film or people who love someone who loves film. Somehow, I know that this was the right thing for me to join!


I’m ready to take on new challenges and meet whatever comes my way head on!

If you could though, please keep my mom, dad, sister and best friend in your thoughts this week. I absolutely despise when challenging, upsetting things happen to them and there’s not much, if nothing, that I can do to help. The only thing that I can do is be there for them when they need me and offer my ear for their anger, sadness and frustrations!


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