Your Friendly Neighborhood Charcuterie


Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remember how lucky I am to live where I live and do what I do.

A few weeks ago, I met a chef. He was the most gentle, unassuming person who, when prompted, held nothing back when it came to food. Never one to shy away from a favor, I asked him to make me a list of his favorite restaurants in the area. On two post-it notes, he wrote a mix of high end restaurants and dives across the city that I needed to try. Needless to say, I showed it to everyone I knew. A few people even took pictures of the post-it notes and promised me that we’d try one together! Now, I’m 99% sure that I’ll never meet this man again… but if I do, I need to tell him how much this list has affected me, and dozens of people that I know!



Dot’s Deli in Fremont was the first stop on the list. It’s located in one of my favorite neighborhoods and is next door to a cookbook bookshop, Book Larder… which is basically my heaven. I convinced my coworkers to place their Dot’s lunch orders and I went to pick it up… not really sure what to expect.  walked in and my heart practically skipped a beat. Chopping block countertops, white subway tile, copper pots, yellow EVERYthing, Mexican Cokes, rustic antler decorations and simple display cases… this charcuterie was basically me, if I were a deli! I loved the simple approach to the meat and the menu is just about as straight forward as a deli menu can be. My BLT was to die for. Quite possibly the best that I’ve ever had… and I eat a LOT of BLT’s! If you’re in the area and looking for a good, simple lunch, please stop by Dot’s… you won’t be disappointed! I’m counting down the days until I eat there next!

dot-s logoDot-s Take-Away Menu web_600


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