Treat Yo Self

IMG_3034 Occasionally I’ll give myself a “Treat Yo Self” week. This past week, I filled my days with a million little things that did wonders on my mood. Last weekend was bright, sunny and WARM. Sundress weather at it’s finest! My family went out of town for their spring break and while I was house sitting for them I began to remember what it’s like to own a car… it’s such a luxury! Not having a car doesn’t exactly do wonders on your self esteem… you’re entirely dependent on other people to get you places that you want to go! So not only was it sunny, but I was free to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I mostly read books, sunbathed, explored, ate delicious sandwiches and watched the second season of Girls… my version of relaxation at it’s finest!

IMG_3073 I’m not usually one for bragging, but combining the sun with spring blossoms makes my neighborhood seriously the most beautiful place on Earth!

IMG_3067 …And house sitting really isn’t so bad either! They say that you can determine if tomorrow will be sunny by the clouds around the base of Mt. Rainer. It works every time! And it gives you fair warning if tomorrows weather won’t be as beautiful.

IMG_3043 There’s nothing that calms me more than reading a magazine. Except maybe reading a magazine while sipping coffee in the warm sun.

IMG_3053 I’ve explored most neighborhoods in Seattle at this point. Madison Park was one of those neighborhoods that was just a little too inconvenient to get to by bus, and so it was always pushed further down on the list. After visiting, I realize how very sweet and very quiet it is and how fitting it was for my mood. (If I wish hard enough, can I make Clark Kent appear in this telephone booth?) After a rough start to my morning, I wasn’t feeling very brave, but I pushed myself to walk around for a bit. I was walking and daydreaming when a man came up to me and said “Ma’am, you look gorgeous.” First of all, I absolutely LOVE when people call me “ma’am”! And second, I really needed to hear something nice like that. I’m not sure if I looked sad to begin with (I hope I didn’t) but I wish I could’ve thanked him more appropriately than just whispering “thank you” and blushing. It was as if he knew that I was feeling bad and wanted me to feel better. Just when I start losing faith in humans… they pull me back in!

IMG_3045IMG_3088 Treated myself to a ridiculous number of sunflowers this week! In case you were wondering… the order is daisies, daffodils and sunflowers. Bet you could never guess my favorite color from those choices, right?

IMG_3082 If  wearing a sundress, I’m making an effort. Even though it wasn’t exactly hot out, I managed to get a few sundresses in this week!

IMG_3090 Treating myself this week involved a lot of hamburgers, bacon and ice cream. I finished off my week with a couple of waffles and a batch of cupcakes. And for all the health fanatics out there poo pooing this… my advice: live a little! It’s ok to have a Treat Yo Self week!

IMG_3112IMG_3103 Tired of winter nail colors… I’m ready for spring!

IMG_3037 My best friend (a baker, musician, photographer extraordinaire!) took this picture about 4 years ago on the graffiti bridge in my hometown. (Very serious… I know) I loved that summer and I loved my friends. Though the days of a simple summer are behind me, I still look forward to the season like a teenager!


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