Alter Ego

Picture 5

This isn’t me. But my goodness I wish it was!

My mom actually introduced me to who Rachel Khoo was a few months ago, in a phone call where she said “I’ve found the more-Asian, French chef version of you!” Um… you can’t entice me with much more than that!


Basically, Rachel Khoo the coolest person in the world. She has an adorable British accent, she dresses like a ModCloth model, she lives in Paris and went to le Cordon Bleu to study patisserie. She seems to have a penchant for fashion, red lips and scruffy boys as well. Her show airs on the BBC and on the Cooking Channel, but you can catch clips of her cooking on Youtube too. Her cookbook “The Little Paris Kitchen” came out only a few weeks ago and I pre-ordered it on Amazon for some light reading on simple, easy-to-make French meals and a little daydreaming as for what my life could/should look like! Her book is colorful, fun and easy to read… she even inspires me to try the more difficult recipes, like souffles and boeuf bourguignon!

Picture 7Picture 6Picture 8Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 10.39.57 AM

She even plays the music from Amelie in her show…


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