What’s Next?

As of this week, I’ve officially lived in Seattle for one whole year!


In my favorite movie, Meg Ryan sings praises for New York City in the fall, but I have to say that Seattle wins for the spring season. Walking down the cherry blossom-lined streets and seeing daffodils in every garden reminds me of last spring, when I was first falling in love with the city.


In a few ways, I feel as if I might’ve outgrown Seattle very quickly. I’ve been to almost every restaurant on my list, visited just about every landmark and explored almost every large park. I’ve really taken in the city as my own and devoured it whole! However, there are a handful of activities left for me in the city…


2. Seattle Symphony… When something amazing comes through, I’m going to drop everything and go!

3. 5th Ave Theater… I remember seeing this theater on my first day exploring Seattle and I was in awe of how beautiful it was! Jersey Boys and Hairspray are coming up… maybe I’ll splurge and go!

4. Paramount… This was another place that I found on my first day in Seattle… when I was very, very lost! The bands and comedians and shows that come through are incredible… but pricey! I’ll make my way there someday soon!

5. Century Ballroom… Such a beautiful space and if I can find a dancing partner, we’re going!

6. Cinerama… I’m actually upset with myself for waiting this long to see a movie here. I think in the beginning I was held back by the principal of it all, but really sometimes you just want to see a movie on a huge screen. There’s nothing wrong with that!

7. Seattle Aquarium… It’s just one of those things that you have to do for a few hours!

9. Lincoln Park… I’ve been over to West Seattle twice, but I’d like to go back again to check this out.

10. Mount Rainier, Mount Si, the Olympics… I’m dying to hike and camp!


And as far as restaurants go, here’s what’s next on my list:

-Walrus and the Carpenter

-Staple and Fancy

-How to Cook a Wolf

-(the new location) Il Corvo


-Sitka and Spruce

-Shiro’s Sushi

-Matt’s in the Market

-Pink Door

-Restaurant Zoe

-L’il Woody’s


…any takers on who wants to join me?


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