Zoo Trip


Friday and Saturday were ridiculously sunny days in Seattle. Now that I understand how rare the sun is, I appreciate and try to soak up every second of that beautiful weather when it comes around. It makes everyone look prettier, happier and somehow even my house looks cleaner. After a late (perfect) Friday night, I spent Saturday morning on the phone with my mom and best friend, laying on the floor with Lucas and Cleo, sipping coffee and lazing around in the sunlight. After getting dressed, I headed over to the Woodland Park Zoo by my lonesome.

I know that’s probably a weird thing to do, and maybe I was getting some weird looks as I was there, but honestly I didn’t notice if they did. If anything, I was noticing them much more than they noticed me! Maybe there’s something inside of me that feels as if I relate better to the animals in the cages rather than the humans outside them. I suddenly saw the hoards of people milling around as animals themselves and the family trying to beat the Pepsi machine open, or the little kids screaming and climbing on everything as something much more like an animal than we’d like to admit!

My main reasoning for going to the zoo is the Komodo Dragons. I hate snakes, I hate lizards, but I’m weirdly fascinated with these mini dinosaurs. After I saw them at the San Diego Zoo a few years ago, I had a dream that I was dropped into a plastic tube in the middle of the Komodo exhibit when all the sudden the tube disappeared and I became part of the exhibit with these beautiful, deadly creatures. It was such a vivid, fascinating dream.



One thought on “Zoo Trip

  1. Komodos have always been my favorite ever since I was a kid.This zoo looks to be just as good as the San Diego Zoo! You paint a pretty pleasant picture of what its like to live in Seattle

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