C+J… a Match Made in Heaven?

One of my ultimate favorite movies (and best romantic comedy ever!) When Harry Met Sally asked the question: Can men and women be friends? They made a valid point: do you have friends of the opposite sex that are purely platonic? Meaning that neither one of you would ever consider anything romantic or sexual about the other? The answer: probably not.

Picture 1

But Celeste and Jesse Forever begs an entirely different question: Can you marry your best friend and truly be happy? In a simply set LA film, Rashida Jones plays Celeste, the hard working author who runs her own business and fully supports her best friend since high school and husband, Jesse (Andy Samburg) . Though they’ve been separated for months, Jesse continues to live in the same backyard studio and they act as if they’re still in a healthy marriage.

Picture 5

When the truth of the relationship unravels, so does Celeste. She tries to combat her self indulgent ways and “control freak” instinct to become a better person and flounders through a series of events like her best friends wedding, dorky Halloween costumes and yoga classes. Maybe I liked Celeste + Jesse so much because it reminded me of some really great movies (like 500 Days of Summer) but also because it felt really unique. Celeste was the dominant one in the relationship, while Jesse was far more nurturing. Despite her perfectionist demeanor, Celeste is a bit of a drunk/high/rude mess. And even if they fight, Celeste and Jesse are still the best of friends and always will be. They’re so incredibly different and yet the perfect fit for one another. The chemistry between Jones and Samberg is sweet and geeky and the several smaller roles are played by a diverse cast of Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts, Ari Graynor and Chris Messina.

I felt as if the film was too short. I wasn’t ready for it to end. Maybe it’s because I have such a girl crush on Rashida Jones (most of the movie was filmed cheaply in her house and wearing her own clothes!), but I imagine that this film could have easily become a really great TV show. So can best friends have happy marriages? Don’t ask me! But I wish that Celeste and Jesse could go on for Forever…


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