Just a Hug

There are a lot of words that I could use to describe the past week, but “good” would not be one of them. I started my Monday morning with a trip to the doctor and left in a total panic. I made a second appointment with a different doctor  on Friday who tried to console me, but took some tests, just to be safe. Work was entirely overwhelming and a my attempt at networking in Seattle went overwhelmingly all wrong!

I was left questioning a lot about myself this week. My health, my work ethic and so much more. Honestly, what I really needed was a hug this week. Not just a dainty pat on the back, but I wanted to be held… I needed that comforting embrace. When I told my best friend about my week, she was quiet for a moment and then told me that she thought I had been very grown up about the whole thing. That she would’ve wanted her mom to have been there with her. And while she was saying this, I was thinking about how much I wished that my mom could’ve been there with me. It was her birthday this past weekend and even though it’s just another day, it’s another that day I haven’t seen her. And she really does give the best hugs!

It was just a bad week. As far as weeks go, this wasn’t the worst. But it was goshdarn hard! At least there are always the weekends and the next weeks to look forward to!



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