Last week was a good week. I had lunch with an old friend. I kicked butt at work. I watched only good movies, good TV and read good books. I laughed a lot. I saw the most beautiful man of my life… and then my aunt and I not so sneakily followed his car all the way to Ballard. I somehow managed to mess up a Rice Krispy treat recipe. I practically skipped while running my errands. I wrote one of my most favorite blog posts. I might’ve danced to Beyonce in the shower. I ate a burger with a Mexican Coke. I bought perfume. I bought a new light bulb (it’s a bigger deal than it sounds). I made the doctors appointment that I’d been dreading. I painted a ceramic skull (you can’t say that every week!) and watched my cousins play sports. I gave my cats a bath and they were so damn cute about it. I finally got my Christmas present from my best friend. Someone unexpected told me something wonderfully nice. I’m even making strides in meeting new people (sort of).



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