Wildfox, As If!

Over the years I’ve begun to wear tee shirts less and less. The other day I wore one to work, underneath a blazer, and it just felt strange and oddly uncomfortable. I realized that I hadn’t worn a tee shirt in months.

So as much as I love Wildfox as a brand… I probably won’t be wearing their witty tee’s or 90’s inspired clothing anytime soon. However, I do think that they consistently create the best lookbook of every season. I’m absolutely in love with their Spring 2013 homage to Clueless… one of my most favorite movies! One of my greatest weaknesses is movies that influence fashion… and fashion that influences movies.

164592561353661651_c4UPMYOU_c 242279654925578558_iUEflVOj_c164592561353602056_6MElM2Jx_c164592561353602139_SDPrQg2V_c242279654925578583_4zLqMjX0_c242279654925578577_75LzW6ir_c

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