Ladies in Nude

All my favorite dresses at this year’s Golden Globes were worn by women wearing white, nude or a soft metallic.

(Was it just me or were there so many red carpet missteps? Did they think they were going to the prom? I’m talking to you Zooey D and Jennifer L!)

Here were my favorites looks of the night:


Kelly looked so happy and her boobs kind of reminded me of Rooney’s Oscar dress last year.


Lady Mary was my favorite, that dress fit her perfectly.


I’m not the biggest fan of her acting, but Amy Adams rarely gets a red carpet wrong!


My beautiful one, you looked gorgeous as always.


I would’ve worn the pants! Tina looked retro and cute, but Amy should’ve worn a pump.


I think short dresses are just fine for the Golden Globes!


I wish the hemline hadn’t been as severe (80’s inspired?), but otherwise this dress was beautiful and unique! Another favorite.


Emily Blunt is always classic and pretty and I appreciate that!


My second favorite of the night… JLo never gets it wrong!


Beautiful couple, beautiful dress.

I have zero complaints about how the Golden Globes turned out, except for that fact that I don’t now, nor will ever, watch Homeland. So of course I felt that a few more awards should’ve gone to Downton Abbey!


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