Lazy Weekend

Gloomy weather and ginormous blisters (sorry guys but Frye boots aren’t easy to break in!) kept me indoors for most of the weekend. I ran the most necessary errands and did the most important chores, but otherwise I laid on my couch watching Downton Abbey (I get weirdly obsessed with anything British) and Girls (I want Lena Dunham to be my best friend).


I walked two miles trying to find the right post office in Ballard, only to realize that the post office was 2 blocks from where I first started! Luckily, Ballard makes me nostalgic for the industrial, nautical feel of Maine and I didn’t mind the walk as long as it was through barren shipyards and broken down factories.


I deserved a bit of a treat for all that unnecessary walking, so I bought myself my favorite popcorn… three bags of it!


My dad sent my little puppy stocking along with my gift this year. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this stocking since I was born, and I plan to keep it forever! Because it was the only holiday decoration that I had up this year, I can’t seem to be able to take it down quite yet. I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually!


I don’t think the cats minded that I was glued to the couch for a while. And they seem to like Downton Abbey too.

IMG_2571 IMG_2579 I spent the afternoon cooking and reading food memoirs in the kitchen. Nothing relaxes me more.

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