Sometimes I Just Love “Things”

IMG_2515Sometimes it’s just nice to have new things. Maybe that makes me an awful person, but I love having a few new “things” in my life. My long New Years weekend wasn’t an especially busy one, but I did take time to enjoy each and every one of my gifts, not matter how big or small. I’m also a weirdo who loves writing gift cards. I can hardly wait to send them out every year! Aren’t this year’s thank you cards just adorable?


My family gave me a gift card for my favorite bookstore so I spent my Friday night browsing the shelves (is there a better way to spend Friday night?), carefully selecting the books I’ve had in mind for months!

IMG_2523 I ate a burger and fries. It was awesome.


One of my favorite gifts was something I’d never even heard of before! After painting your nails with a normal polish, this Chanel topcoat gives the illusion of velvet, creating a flat, matte color instead of a shiny one! I especially liked it with black nail polish… it reminds me of a chalkboard!

IMG_2531 I bought baking supplies this weekend. Very few things in life make me happier than that.

IMG_2542 I prayed to the Seattle weather gods for just a glimpse of the sun… I just needed to see it so badly! I thought my prayers were going to be unanswered until around 3:30 I saw a brightness outside my window. I threw on a coat and ran to the park as fast as I could. I caught the bright, beaming sun just as it went down over the water. Such a magical moment.

IMG_2546My first (and probably only) attempt at cupcakes was victorious. I also whipped the cream by hand and that made me feel like a baking badass. I ate two cupcakes and just left the rest on display.


I bought Frye boots!!! The store was running a ridiculous after holidays sale and they ended up being almost 50% off of the regular price. If that’s not fate, I don’t know what is! I told the salesperson that I might cry of happiness. She told me it actually happens more than I might think. I left the store literally skipping with my big bag of boots swinging at my side.

Photo 78

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