Movies NOT in the Holiday Spirit

I wanted to like This Is 40… but I also thought was going to be funny.

Picture 4

Don’t get me wrong, I chuckled a few times but the movie was NOT funny. It was all about how two married people make each other miserable and blame all their problems on their parents. Sure, that’s realism and it’s how some people really think, but no one wants to see that in a movie! It felt so personal, so naive and everything completely unraveled at the end. The big crisis was money, and yet they drive fancy cars and go on vacations. Normal people living in normal neighborhoods don’t get to do those things. So not only are you alienating anyone in the audience that isn’t married, or completely miserable in a marriage, but you’re alienating all the miserable married people who aren’t rich. So basically this movie doesn’t appeal to 99% of the population. Unless you’re a teenaged boy who just wanted to see Megan Fox practically naked. In that case you definitely got your moneys worth.

Picture 3

On one hand, I think Judd Apatow might’ve done something smart. He might’ve just cleansed his personal story out of his system and from now on he can continue to make something truly funny. Plus, I’m sure the movie made some good money coming out when it did, so maybe he has enough now to store away and make something independent.

Here are some things that were NOT funny: Seeing Leslie Mann’s boob. Twice. Discussing JJ Abrams and Lost in about 6 scenes. Allowing Charlyne Yi to be in the movie at all. Inserting a dance sequence.

On the other hand… Django Unchained was a durn good movie. It was funny, but in an old school almost slapstick comedy style. There were several times where the audience burst into laughter, almost in amazement of how he managed to make such a sad tale incredibly humorous. The camera shots were simple and very true to a western. The acting was phenomenal and in my opinion, Christoph Waltz is one of the best actors of our time. The story felt slightly unbalanced in pace and timing, but the small details kept the story rolling along.

Picture 1

I must admit that I’m a pretty big fan of Quentin Tarantino because he truly does whateverthehell he wants. And I respect that. Not many directors could just decide “Well my next project is going to be a western. About slaves. It’s going to be really graphic. You’re going to see a lot of blood. Oh and I want to work with Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio.” But Tarantino can do it. And all of Hollywood is going to back him up too.

Picture 2

What turned me off in this movie, and every Tarantino, is the violence. I literally had to shut my eyes at 4 different points in the movie because the violence was so gruesome and revolting. Unlike his previous movies, these killings were cruel and hateful. The story behind slavery is too personal and close to home for many people. But at least I knew what to expect. Someone told me a few days before that if I saw Django I would “get to see a dick explode.”

So go see Django. I promise you’ll like it. And if nothing else you will “get to see a dick explode” and so much more.


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