Year Long Round Up!


A Little More About Me … pretty self explanatory.


I Dyed My Hair Blonde! I Got a Tattoo! I fooled both my mom and best friend with these pictures. The resemblance is eerie and the title garnered quite a few hits to my blog right away!

Just Some Recreational Fun I get a little feisty about my favorite TV shows…


“Delish” Sometimes I bake.


Once Upon a Time… I’m not afraid to show off my dorky side! This post gets hits constantly and the show is in its second season now!

Who’s That Girl? People have found this post on multiple occasions by typing in “I can’t find my driving moccasins ANYWHERE!” It makes me happy that those people share the same weird sense of humor that I do!

A Vintage Gem Sometimes I go thrift shopping and fall in love with everything.


Mommy & Me This post has a ridiculous number of views and everyone assumes that I’m Mormon after reading it!


In Their Natural Environment One of the many posts that I dedicate to Kinfolk editorials that I’ve fallen in love with.

A Letter to my Future Husband I meant every word

Yo, Proust If you wanted to know strange facts about me, you can find them here!


Such a Jerk I move to Seattle and become a jerk!



Inspiration Days A pretty accurate look at my life in May

Today I Went for a Walk …and explored

So Excited! Work that I actually loved doing!



It’s Just Dinner Darling A personal post about hardships

Just That Day of Birth … any guesses on what this one’s about?



The Dark Knight Rises & I Fall in Love Have I ever mentioned that I love comic book movies?

Anything But Boring I love reading and I love eating. Why not combine the two?

Fourth Fun My favorite holiday



A Little Bit Arguably my favorite part of the year

Pining for Portland Moving in my apartment, starting a new job and a family reunion kept me busy!



Body Issues: Curves Ahead I got so many kind, encouraging comments and messages after writing this!

Mini Chair Makeover I got really crafty in September, saving money wherever I could!

Quiet, Peaceful & Perfect One of my most favorite moments in Seattle!



Top of the World A trip back to California to see my family and best friend!




Human Cat It’s official, I’m a true cat lady.

Romantic Pessimist It felt weird to write about something so personal, but I received such amazing messages after!

Movies You Should See Now (or rent later) I finally got back into the swing of seeing new movies!


Golden Gardens My second favorite beach trip this year


Indie Roundup Recap of the best indies I’ve seen recently!

Thankful This year I’ve made a huge effort to be thankful for everything that I have in my life.


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