My Thoughts on The Hobbit

If you haven’t already (and really, what are you waiting for?), I think you should see The Hobbit. Here’s why:

Picture 3

1. I’m a ginormous LOTR fan and so I might be a bit biased. I reread the book before I saw the movie because I wanted everything fresh in my mind.

2. This is truly BEAUTIFUL movie. They’ve literally never made a movie like this. This movie is 48 frames per second… something no movie has ever accomplished. They should just hand over the Oscar now, right? If you’re sensitive to sight and motion (ie: if you got sick watching Cloverfield) I don’t recommend 3D because it’s a pretty intense experience. Of course there’s a lot of CGI, but the long scenic shots are pretty breathtaking.

3. The music is so wonderful. In my opinion, it’s even better than in the previous movies!

4. The dwarves are fascinating creatures and they managed to create a truly unique and easily identifiable persona for each. Is it weird that I found Thorin to be attractive? While reading the book I read him as much older, bearded and grey so to have an attractive, younger man surprised me!

5. The Gollum part was perfect.

Picture 1

Now even though I’m recommending this movie to you… I’m going to warn you that I didn’t really exactly totally and completely like the movie.

Like I mentioned, I had just reread the book a few weeks before and so my mind was full of vivid moments and important intricacies. For example, in the book my favorite part was the trolls. In the movie though, it was a small side note to the much larger story. They somehow managed to fit half of the novel into the first of three movies and it felt… overwhelming. Because they had wanted to make use of the removed story, they added in drastically different aspects and created a villain out the thin air. It seems to me that the book is always going to be better than the movie, mostly because I’m partial to my imagination. The movie in my mind was much more lyrical and beautiful, because I’d created it that way. But to see such huge discrepancies was alarming and in many ways, removed me farther from the story.

Picture 4

In my opinion, it felt like… boom! something exciting! … now we’re walking in a field… boom! something else exciting happens! … now we’re walking over a mountain… etc. It was choppy. In the LOTR trilogy, they counteracted this by switching story lines but in the Hobbit we’re forced to see everything from one perspective, Bilbo’s.

I feel like I should mention that I saw The Hobbit by myself on a Monday night. I was embarrassed, tired, cold and the guy sitting closest to me heckled the movie the entire time. In some ways, I hated that idiot. In a weird way I also respected him, because it takes a commitment to heckle a movie for THREE HOURS. To keep on when everyone in the theater is shushing you is pretty impressive. So maybe his negative comments got to me. I could no longer appreciate the movie as an experience, I was forced to see the movie through his eyes. Yes, that line was cheesy. Yeah, they shouldn’t have brought that character in.

Picture 5

Even though this movie wasn’t all that I’d hoped it would be, I know I disliked it mostly for selfish reasons and I’m glad that I have two other movies to enjoy before the trilogy is over!


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