Holiday Spirits


Not to sound all Scrooge-y, but Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I have such fond childhood memories of the holiday, but as the years progress each celebration feels less and less special. I blame some of it on growing up in small town that became increasingly charming in the holiday season. But families grow apart and friends become less friendly. Every year feels a bit more lonely than the last.

I spent the past weekend with my little cousins, watching Christmas movies, painting Christmas presents and sitting next to a lit Christmas tree and a warm fire. We wore our PJ’s, ate unhealthy foods and it was wonderful. For a while, it started to feel a bit like Christmas-time.

This is an especially awkward year for me because for the first time I’m truly living on my own and won’t be returning to California for the holiday season. I even sent my my presents in the mail… and for the first time truly experienced the Christmas-time post office rush! But I can’t help but feel excitement for a time when I’ll finally have a Christmas where I don’t feel alone. A Christmas with a family of my own, in a house of my own. I know the lonelier holidays like this will help me appreciate the happier ones to come!



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