My Alter Ego is Beyoncé Pad Thai


I get why people wouldn’t like The Mindy Show. I’ve heard all the complaints… and yet, I still love the show… and her. I could go on and on about HOW MUCH I love Mindy Kaling.

-I love her love for romantic comedies (especially You’ve Got Mail).

-I love her weird, realistic female friend dynamics.

-I love her raincoats.

-I love that she’s obsessed with Beyoncé.

-I love the very “Clarissa Explains It All” intro song.

-I love that she made a character named Morgan (but I hate that it’s a boy).

-I love her weird, dysfunctional (yet realistic) dating life.

-I love that she really, truly LOVES her work.

-I love that she’s incredibly smart and well read. And that she was a dorky kid too.

-I love that she wears yellow all the time.

I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like we have very similar thought processes and we might be soul mates. I want a best friend just like Mindy Kaling. Just give her a chance. Watch the show Tuesdays on FOX. If you really can’t get into it, it’s ok and I forgive you. But also, we will never be friends. Sorry.


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