December has already proven itself to be a vast improvement over November.


Suddenly everything is reminding me of the holiday season and I’m finally a little less Scrooge-y about it!


Holiday berries are as irresistible to me as sunflowers or daisies.


I wish I could work from home everyday. I’d get to spend some more time with these cuties!


By far the best issue of Vanity Fair ever! I love Judd Apatow. And the love of my life is on the cover… I have zero complaints!


After a scary visit to the vet, she was rewarded with a few news toys and lots of compliments from strangers.


This was the first year that I’ve had a workplace that hosted a real holiday party. I bought a new dress (granted, it was only $10) and wore lipstick. A homeless man tried to attack me as I was waiting for the bus, but otherwise the night went really smoothly… with only minimal awkwardness on my part. I wasn’t the only person without a date (there were two others), but hopefully in the coming years I won’t have to be the slutty girl from Love, Actually and I’ll have a living, breathing man who would love to go with me!


Seattle really does look pretty this time of the year. Though I do miss all the leaves on the trees, everything else is green and lush. The skyline at night is so festive and even the Space Needle got a little holiday makeover.

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