Little Beautiful Moments

Last weekend I really pushed myself to go out and try new things. I  made my way to the Ballard Locks and to a beautiful church service in Capitol Hill… two things I’d been wanting to experience for months. The Locks were interesting, but not quite as large or impressive as I had imagined. The church was also different than what I had imagined, but touched me so deeply that I ended up crying halfway through the service. I somehow combined lounging in the sun, watching amazing movies and trying new things all into one weekend… who could ask for more? (Also, I unintentionally discovered that I own the world’s best cat toy… cat lovers, go out and buy a disco ball now!)

This past week the weather had been dark and gloomy, so I hunkered down with good books (I’m rereading my mom’s old copy of The Hobbit) and TV (that Modern Family episode killed me). This weekend I wanted to lie low, run a few errands, but also make time to spend with my family! I didn’t even recognize my uncle with his new beard and I was able to take my cousins shopping with me without boring them too much! Even though things have been difficult (when are they really ever very easy?) for me and my family, I know that this just is a tough season to get through and that we’ll come out of it soon enough. I’m just going to focus on the positive and the little moments that are beautiful and sweet.


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