The Room With the Bed

Oddly enough, I have very strong convictions regarding bedroom decor.

In my opinion, bedrooms are for “bedroom activities” only. So no TV… no laptops… not even cell phones! I know that sound a bit extreme, but I’m the type of person that needs sleep! I can’t get a few measly hours and then function like a normal human the next day. Having a calming bedroom helps me relax and fall into a deeper sleep when I’m not constantly checking my phone or listening to Conan. My dream bedroom would have white walls and white sheets with nothing on the walls. Maybe this sounds somewhat cold or uninviting to you, but have you ever slept in a studio apartment? Waking up and looking at your kitchen counter just isn’t very soothing! My current bedroom HAS walls, but has also been quite the work in progress… as in, my mattress was on the floor for the first two months! And though I don’t have the white sheets, or the white walls, I’ve finally made do by creating a simple, calm space perfect for deep, uninterrupted sleep.


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