Put to a Vote

I’m going to tell you a shameful secret… I didn’t vote.

I wasn’t too busy, I could’ve gotten out of work and it would’ve been a simple, quick thing for me. The only problem was… I didn’t register. (Silly me, I thought changing your postal address meant that you were nationally recognized to vote in that state!) When I found out that I had missed the deadline I had a mild panic attack. I couldn’t even follow the coverage because I was so distraught. I only found out last night because my best friend called and told me the news. I know that individual votes don’t count for much at all, but it was MY vote. And it wasn’t counted. All because of my stupid mistake.

I’m not going to be one of those jerks on Facebook (why are we friends with those people anyway?!) but I am proud that our president was reelected. And even though I didn’t vote, I felt that it was appropriate to wear my Obama Fo Yo Mama tee shirt, in support of the POTUS. I hope you voted and if you did, I’m proud that your vote was counted! And I promise that I’m never going to make this mistake again!

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