‘Ello Charlie

I’ve wanted to be Charlie Chaplin for Halloween for years, but the only reason that I dressed up as him this year in particular was pure convenience. I had everything I needed already in my closet and wearing so many layers made a gloomy, rainy day much warmer and cozier. Plus, because I had no glamorous Halloween party to go to, I ended up being the only person at work who dressed up. But I love Halloween. There’s something so fun about dressing up as something so totally different than your everyday self. And I have to admit, it was pretty fun to be a boy for a day! Wearing a funny costume was such a good experience. Every person that saw me smiled or laughed. That gave me such a great feeling.

And though it didn’t give me the idea, I found inspiration in Brigitte Bardot dressed as Charlie. If Brigitte can pull it off, so can I!


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