Seattle Food: A Love Letter to Doughnuts


Sometimes I feel like I’m the Seattle brand ambassador for California. I’m constantly asked by old friends, classmates and co-workers where they should eat/stay/play when they come to visit Seattle. (And to come visit me, of course!) As much as I love answering their questions individually, I think that by doing do on my blog, they can get a better idea of what they will be eating (etc.) if they can read a good description and see pictures to go along. I’m not attempting to be a foodie and most (ok, all) of the places that I will list in Seattle Food are inexpensive and easy to get to! I hope you come across something that makes your stomach rumble and your taste buds dance a little jig.




Doughnuts are bad for you.

I know.

And I would totally stop eating them if they weren’t so DELICIOUS.

But leave it up to Seattle to make doughnuts fancy. At their 5+ locations throughout Seattle, Top Pot Doughnuts is sells your average maple bar or chocolate sprinkle… but mixes it up with unique, fancier flavors as well. I mean, I haven’t tried them… but I did name- drop a few to try and convince my best friend to move to Seattle and bake in a doughnut shop! They even have a cookbook for goodness sake! How many doughnut shops do you go to that have a cookbook?

If you like Dunkin Donuts… I’m pretty sure that you’re crazy. And if you like Krispy Kremes’ melt-in-your-mouth texture… then you might not like the hearty taste of Top Pot. I wish I could describe accurately the texture… thicker than cake or croissant but more moist than a scone and SO GOOD. Top Pot not only serves these morsels of happiness and goodness, but they have good coffee and a library-like (I love a good library) atmosphere of bookshelves and warm colors. If you stop by for breakfast or  snack… you won’t be disappointed!


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