Wedding Craze

Sometimes I feel like everyone around me is getting married.

Last weekend my dad married his girlfriend Aimee and we became the modern “Brady Bunch”(she has three boys and one girl and my dad has my sister and I). Because they did everything basically on their own, it was a hectic time to arrive and attempt to help when the planning process began months before. Brenna and Dominique did a great job with the decorations and came up with the most creative ideas! Like the bottom of the wine glasses were painted with chalkboard paint so guests could write their name and label their glass. And by flipping wine glasses upside down, they became candle holders! I know they should like small details, but they made the wedding so personalized and special… and they were ideas that I would’ve NEVER come up with!

As much as I don’t understand the hysterics about weddings and the millions of “pin boards” dedicated to them, they are a special ceremony and create a day full of memories. And all I know is that when (if?) I get married, there will be dancing. LOTS of dancing.


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