Good Eats

Going through old blog posts (well, relatively old… for a 10 month blog!) I realized that at some point, I stopped writing about two things that I really love, entertainment and food.

With TV pilot season behind us, I’m finally getting the hang of a few good new shows and I plan on seeing more new movies soon… so my dorky obsessions and long rants will be returning shortly! But I noticed that many of my food posts disappeared along with having a kitchen to cook in… but never returned when I got my own place with a very unattractive, but functional, kitchen! Now that it’s fall, I feel inspired to bake and share my goodies with others, but I also want to share a couple of really great places to eat in Seattle as well. After being asked for recommendations over and over, I want to share with others where I go to get really amazing food!

I was reminded of this (and further inspired to continue my eat-and-blog approach) when I made my San Francisco visit. I’d read about Umami Burger for years. Ok, well maybe a year… as in… one. Bloggers raved about it and it felt like every local magazine mentioned it, so I knew it was at least worth checking out. Kaity complained that it was going to be just like every other hipster place trying to make a burger fancy, but even she was impressed by the food. She had the Hatch Burger and I ordered the Cali Burger (I thought it was fitting) with a side of truffle fries to share. Did I mention the truffle fries? They were delightful and wonderful and though it’s a lot of heavy food, it tasted light and didn’t leave me feeling groggy afterwards like a greasy diner might’ve… though I do love my greasy diners! My burger was delicious but had a very liquid consistency to it, yet didn’t leave the bun soggy (how did they do that?!) I’m glad I was with my best friend and not on a date because it got a little messy, though sharing our fries did feel very romantic…. Because she had worked down the street last year, Kait knew that before it was Umami it had been the location has hosted another burger place. From what she told me, the decor was identical to the business that had been there before… which kind of bummed me out because I love a unique dining decor.

Then my best friend, being the best friend a girl could ask for, walked me three blocks from her apartment to the cutest soda fountain ice cream shop called The Ice Cream Bar. Going in felt like going home. It had that gorgeous diner quality that it took me back to a decade I should’ve lived through. And the adorable boys wearing all white hats and aprons behind the counter didn’t hurt either. I felt like I should’ve been wearing a pretty dress and asking one of the boys to a sock hop. My ice cream was wonderful and melty. I wish Ice Cream Bar was three blocks from MY house!


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