I’m pretty understanding that at this point in my life, taking a vacation is a luxury that I shouldn’t be able to have. But in a few years, when funds aren’t so tight, I have a long list of places that I’d like to visit and people I’d love to see. So when I was planning for my dads wedding in Napa in October I felt so grateful that I could even afford to take a few days off of a brand new job to fly to California and spend time with my family and my best friend. And even though things didn’t always go perfectly to plan and I didn’t get to see everyone that I wanted to see (darn California traffic!) everything went so smoothly! It was the perfect tiny trip.

A little Americana inspiration on a shopping trip. This somehow manages to combine some of my most favorite things into one. And now I need to find something like this for my house!

I feel so blessed to be able to experience such a gorgeous summer and fall in Seattle. The sun is shining and bright yet the leaves that litter the ground are outrageously beautiful colors.

Totally off topic, but last week I made an (very) early morning trip to the dentist which was right under the Space Needle. While I was waiting for my appointment to begin I almost started to tear up thinking about how I was so lucky to have insurance while so many people don’t have the ability to get their teeth cleaned or their gums checked. I was even able to have the dentist fix something that has bothered me my entire life… within a matter of seconds!

I LOVE airports. For many reasons, but fish and chips and magazines really make the experience EVEN BETTER for me.

I got to see this face. And laugh a lot with her. And drive all around San Francisco. And we drove in the…

Bat(ter) Mobile! We dropped off an order to Pixar! Even though we came in through a side entrance and didn’t get to see much, I was still able to sneak a peak of the main building where they host their parties and celebrations. I totally geeked out thinking about how many amazingly talented, genius people have been in that room. The best of the film business. And I was there!


2 thoughts on “SoTotallyIncrediblyThankful

  1. I was so happy to have my best friend visit me for TWO whole day + a few other hours! I’m so glad I got to bring you along to Pixar and have your help in the kitchen all day! Not many best friends would be willing to work for free at their friend’s bakery for 6 hours! I loved doing things in this city with you that I never get to do myself! Love you

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