Getting Things Done

Lately, I’m much more proactive than I’ve ever been before. This week alone I managed to fit a hair cut, a dentist appointment and an eye doctor appointment in at the last second. Once I have my mind set to something, I do it! Normally, I would be proud of my determination and follow through, but in some ways it’s become a problem.

It’s become a dangerous personality characteristic now that I’ve become somewhat addicted to Pinterest. (And yes, I know I sound like a silly girl to become addicted to something like Pinterest) Basically I have no budget when it comes to redecorating my apartment. As in, I have NO budget because I  have no money to spend! But lately, I’ve started to become a bit more crafty with my projects. Only 10 dollars were spent on painting an old stool and recovering my kitchen chairs! When I saw these pictures on Pinterest of colorful succulent planters, I thought it was such a great idea and could brighten up the room and window sill without costing hardly anything! I thought I would have to buy paint and it would become a time consuming project, but when I was at my local hardware store I came across bright yellow tape! It took about 5 minutes to wrap each planter and the tape cost 3 dollars. Plus, I didn’t have to worry about carefully measuring or getting paint everywhere! My determination got the best of me, but I think my plants look even more cheery than ever before!


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