I’m very grateful for inexpensive but cute dresses from Target that make me feel like a stewardess from the 60’s. Who knew that this was the look was I was going for? And I’m grateful for all the cat calls that resulted from wearing this dress. I know it shouldn’t, but it strokes my ego and my ego could use some stroking lately!  Also, this is my hair au natural. It’s so weird how my hair used to be so thick and pin straight…

I’m grateful for these sweet girls (and my lovely aunt) who help me make fun of my ridiculous dating life. We’ve spent a lot of time in this toy store and hunting down baked goods.

People talk a lot about the weather in Seattle, in a not-ironic way. Within the last week everyone I know has mentioned at least once that the weather is “about to turn”. Which is a nice way of saying, “the weather is going to be pretty crappy very soon.” Though I’m not a fan of my insanely unruly hair in the mist, I do enjoy the morning fog and I even went out to buy my very first rain jacket! Next up, rain boots!


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