A 20 Minute (5 dollar!) Furniture Makeover

When my dad dropped off my things a few weeks ago he also brought a few random things I wasn’t expecting. This included a tiny Hello Kitty mug, my little sisters yearbooks and about 50 VHS tapes. Not exactly what I was looking for, dad! And when he brought my drill team stool I started to laugh. What was I going to use this bright orange stool for in my house?! Once I got over the shock, I headed to the nearest hardware store, spent only 5 dollars on white and metallic gold spray paints and did a quick spray outside, completely transforming an old bulldog imprinted stool to a cute stand for my keys and umbrella! I know the whole dip dyed leg look is a little trendy, especially in the blog world, but what can I say? It makes a simple stool and little more interesting! And if I ever get tired of the gold, I can spray paint the stool for only 5 dollars and 20 minutes again!


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