A Mini Chair Makeover

I’m the first to admit that I’m not very handy. I still haven’t even hung the heavy mirror that I bought last month! (It’s too heavy, should I just sell it and buy something else?) But when I got my little cafe bistro chairs back early this month I knew they would need a mini makeover to fit the new place. I found a yard of canvas on sale at an art store for only $2 and I knew that it was the perfect solution to reupholstering the chairs into something a little more plain but still very much so my style. When I complained about buying a staple gun for just one project, my mom suggested that upholstery tacks would work the same and end up costing much less… and she was right! It helps to have an interior decorator in the family! She was the one who originally bought the chairs, painted and upholstered them for me a few years ago. They’ve gone through quite a transformation!

When she first bought them (Twiggy was a fan):

After she re-covered and painted:

And now!

I know I didn’t do a great job with the creases and such (again, I’m NOT handy!) but I think the lighter, simpler fabric makes the kitchen seem a little softer and a little more ethereal in the morning light!


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