Quiet, Peaceful & Perfect

Do these beautiful pictures really need additional explanation?

I truly live in one of the most beautiful, wonderful places on Earth!

One of the only things I really miss about living in Southern California was all the great places to hike. One of the major downsides to no longer having a car and living in Seattle is that there are a million amazing places to hike… but I can’t exactly drive out to the nearest mountain! I’ve wanted to hike (though, it really is more like a walk) Discovery Park in Magnolia because it’s the cities largest park, but also only about 4 miles from my house! The trail isn’t long and the perk is that the farthest point you can reach is the teeny tiny lighthouse at the end of a serene beach. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to discover the most perfect spot! I sat for a few minutes and just cleared my head. It was exactly what I needed to end my weekend and start fresh with a new week!

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