Redefine Your Dream

For many, many years, it was a bookstore.

It feels as if I’ve always had the idea that I wanted to own a little bookshop. Inspiration came from bookshops in movies “You’ve Got Mail” and “Before Sunset”. Or real life bookshops like “Moonraker Books” on Whidbey Island or Booksmith on Haight in San Francisco. And of course, my Mecca, my place of religion, Powell Books in Portland. But slowly, as the years pass by, the idea of owning a bookstore has been slipping away, page my page, leaf by leaf. Bookstores have become extinct. Even my favorite Barnes & Noble in University Village shut down… the one with the comfy leather chairs and rough hardwood banisters. Even when “You’ve Got Mail” was made, about 14 years ago, bookstores were struggling!

I can complain about kindles and e-readers and tablets all I want, but the reality is, I can’t stop the world from moving towards a book-less future. I understand that not everyone in the world enjoys smelling a new book like I do. They probably don’t dog ear or “flip” the corners of pages as they read. And when they go shopping, they probably leave with new shoes or a bed frame, while I scamper away in anticipation of reading my armful of new books. And while my love affair with books will never end, I understand that my dream is passing and that I might focus on something different, create a new goal for myself.

Recently, I’ve been toying with the idea of someday owning a restaurant or bakery. My best friend (who is a wonderful baker) and I always said that someday we’d own a little bakery/bookstore and name it Brownies & Books… or something equally adorable. But as my dream for owning a bookstore is slowly fading away, the idea of owning a restaurant or bakery has become far more enticing.

While living in San Diego, it was difficult to find a restaurant that wasn’t part of a national chain… or that made good food. At least for me, there’s nothing very alluring about a restaurant if you know that there is an identical restaurant only 10 miles away, selling the exact mediocre dish to someone else. But then I moved to Seattle and discovered what it was like to live in a “foodie” environment. Every restaurant that I’ve been to is unique, personalized and most importantly, delightfully delicious. And though I know very little about cooking, I definitely know how to appreciate a good restaurant. The list of restaurants that I’d love to try in Seattle is long, but I find myself slowly ticking away at the list with determination. I find myself noticing small aspects and details of restaurants that I might contribute to my own someday.

Obviously, owning a restaurant or bakery isn’t going to happen overnight… or anytime soon! But it’s such a fun idea to work towards. In the meantime, I’m using each restaurant and bakery as inspiration for the future! Last weekend, when I made my trip to Bainbridge Island, I really wanted to make a trip to a restaurant that I’d heard so much about called Hitchcock. Though I wasn’t super impressed with my food, I loved that they used local, organic ingredients without being hoity-toity about it and had created such a wonderful atmosphere.

The white subway tile, chalkboard menus, chopping block countertops… these are all aspects that I love! I’ve even created a board for my inspirations for a future business. I thought I’d share with you my favorite ideas!

I really love the idea of deep, rich colors like navy blues and forest greens contrasted with rustic, dark wood and exposed pieces like rafters, bare bulbs and distressed hardwood floors.


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