Mixed Genres

As much as I love the feminine and dainty silhouettes of the late 50’s and early 60’s which better suit my body type, I have a love for 70’s inspired clothing. I think it may have something to do with the idea that 70’s style represents beachy California to me, reminiscent of tiny towns and sleepy beaches in Lords of Dogtown, Super 8 or Jaws, but with a little rock and roll, a tougher edge. I love the subdued colors of white, brown, burnt orange or that cheesy shade of royal blue. The spring styles feel very 70’s to me. They’re laid back, yet still fun and whimsical.

This is my idea of the perfect editorial… Elle Magazine can do no wrong in my eyes. Below is my favorite spread from Nylon’s September issue, which I loved. The weird thing is, I’ve stopped enjoying Nylon Magazine. About a year ago it was my absolute favorite, but now it feels too young for me. Too tough tomboy. Too waif. Too 90’s. Much less inspiring. Especially when I was comparing to my favorite magazines that have since passed, like Jane or Ellegirl. THOSE were amazing magazines! I think Nylon could use some work.


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