Mid-Week Mayhem

Finally, after a month and a few days of waiting, all my personal things arrived in Seattle Thursday morning! At 5:45 am to be exact. My dad drove up, I carried the boxes upstairs and we had a rushed breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, Toulouse, and… he was gone by 9:45am.

But rather than looking at the shortest visit in the world in a negative light, I’m choosing to view it as a positive thing! Sure a lot of little things are missing or beat up, but only one or two things were broken! And the only one I really cared about was my favorite Mazel Tov mug that my best friend gave me a few years ago.

  But the reality is, my things are here! I have blankets, towels, plates, silverware and I’ve been rushing around to organize everything quickly so I can  just pretend that I’ve always had these things the entire time that I’ve lived here. I’ve just been so ready to make my apartment feel like a home and it’s finally starting to feel like one!

Both Thursday and Friday I hadn’t got any sleep because I was staying up late, cleaning and unpacking and purging. At one point, I was literally up to my knees in old magazines, unwrapped  newspapers and old memorabilia. It’s so overwhelming to unpack everything at once! I even forgot to eat and that neverrr happens. Caffeine, pancake and magazine breaks definitely have helped!

As silly as it might sound, the one thing that I was looking forward to the most was my SHOES. Moving to a new city is pretty rough, but moving to a new city without a car is killer. My feet have have been sore and achy every single day that I’ve lived here! I’ve been walking at least 2 miles everyday and in the shoes I had packed for two weeks in Wisconsin! As dorky as it might look, I’ve switched my stinky J Crew flats for old Reebok running shoes when I’m walking to work. I might look like a soccer mom, but I don’t care… my feet will thank me!

The first real challenge that I tackled in the unpacking process was my books. I have a LOT of books. And while most of them are children’s books that I couldn’t bear to get rid of, like The Saddle Club or The Princess Diaries series, there are a few more adult books too! I felt so sad knowing that they were put away in boxes. I knew I wanted to place them near the window but it took several attempts at organizing everything the way I wanted. I chose to “hide” the more childish (more embarrassing) books in the back of the bench space and then color coordinated the more adult books in front! I’m really happy with how they turned out!

Next, I tackled my ginormous side board. I thought I’d share a few more (better) pictures of the size and color to see if you have any ideas on what color I should choose! I’m still leaning towards a brown or white, but I would love to hear your suggestions!

That little retro red suitcase holds every magazine editorial or article that’s inspired me. I think I might try to organize it all into binders because it really does recharge my creativity to flip through it! And I love that brown furry blanket with the couch!

The kitchen cart is one of the best ideas that I’ve had. I’m more than a little ashamed of my kitchen because, well,  it’s completely ugly. There’s literally nothing anyone could do to save it… except for tearing it all down. So I’m trying to focus all my efforts into making the little corner by the window cute and colorful and completely separate from the ugly rest! I’ve tried to focus the colors into mustard yellow, periwinkle blue and a coral-y color. What do you think? I think it’s kind of cheerful! The perfect place to drink coffee in the morning, right?

That’s all that I’ve completed for now, but I’m hoping to finish up all the loose ends and go back to normal life for the next week!


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