My Weekends are Super Glamorous

I began this weekend with the best of intentions. The weather was beautiful… the sun was shining… it was a three day weekend… and yet I hardly left my house!

I got off of work a little early on Friday and I took that time to soak up some sun and gaze at the gorgeous ocean views only a few blocks from my house. Have I mentioned how wonderful the weather has been lately? The month of August saw zero rain and hardly any gloomy days! It’s been perfect weather for moving into a new place and walking to work everyday! I know eventually the weather will take a turn for the grey again… but I think I’m almost ready for it! I could use a few more stunningly gorgeous days (or weeks) and then I’ll be able to have a good send off to sunny weather.

I bought this mirror from a girl on Craigslist for only $20! I don’t think she understood just how amazing a deal that is! It’s from the 1940’s, is about 2.5 feet round and HEAVY. I tried hanging the darn thing above my bed but after gouging a few sizable holes into my wall I researched old buildings. Amazingly enough, my walls aren’t at all like modern walls and are actually made of plaster. Tissue thin plaster. So that’s why I can hear my neighbors fighting so easily! I went to the hardware store and stocked up on different hanging options so I’m just going to have to figure out how to hang the dang thing. Also, after carrying the mirror one block and up to my apartment I was so sore that I could hardly move the next day! Which is why…

  I literally laid on my couch all day Sunday. And I watched a ton of movies. Have you ever seen What Women Want? It’s a Nancy Meyers movie from the 90’s with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt and it was HILARIOUS. I have NO idea why I put it off for so long! It was exactly the movie that I wanted/needed to see at that exact moment. Do you ever have movie epiphanies like that? Sometimes I just see a movie that is so perfect that it actually takes me a while to absorb it!

I went to Fremont but left empty-handed. Though several elderly men chatted me up on the bus. I just have a way with 80-year-old’s I guess!

I’ve been avoiding Capitol Hill for a while now and I finally convinced myself to put an end to it! I could potentially run into people I don’t want to run into ANYwhere. But you can’t live in fear of it, right? I also dressed up a little more than I normally would on a weekend. Because you never run into mean people from your past when you feel confident or look sexy. It’s also why I refuse to leave my house wearing sweatpants or no makeup! But I treated myself to some pretty dahlia’s and a new cover for my iPhone… Ain’t it cute? I’ve wanted something like this for SO long, but I came across this one, which is real natural wood for only $15. How could you turn that down? I think it’s absolutely adorable.

I’d been scouring craigslist for a TV stand for the entire month to no avail… that is, until I saw this one! I happened to be browsing at a higher price point, but I sent an email asking if they would accept $100. Which for something from Ikea that’s been used is a more than reasonable offer! My aunt and cousins helped me pick it up and it was literally the heaviest thing I’ve ever carried in my life! A poor, kind man offered to help us carry it to my apartment and I’m sure he wished he hadn’t! (I gave him three dollars for helping… it was all that I had!) I’m so sore again today and my knees are covered with grody bruises. But I happen to have a very unnatural love for bruises, so I don’t really mind too much. I never realized how often I cross my legs until today when I jumped in pain every time I naturally shifted to that position! I’ll take a better picture of the sideboard later, but I’m definitely going to have to paint it a different color… I can’t handle the black! My old place in San Diego was decorated almost entirely in black and white, which is great if you live in sunny California with wonderful lighting… but in dark Seattle this credenza will look like a coffin! I’m thinking white could be better, or even painting it brown? They used to sell it at Ikea in my favorite shade of yellow, but I think it might be too crazy to paint it yellow! What do you think? I’d gladly accept any ideas!


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