Fall Fashion: The Do

As usual, I’m sticking to the idea that Louis Vuitton can do no wrong. I mean… they put Michael Phelps in a Speedo in a tub for goodness sake. That brand knows what they’re DOING! But this year I fell in love with their whimsical story. They were obviously inspired by the Anna Karenina frenzy that has, or is soon to, hit popular society by storm. The colors are dark and muted, but never drab, and the story is clear with thick Russian coats and flamboyant hats. Even the bags are larger, more durable and better suited for an overnight satchel than an everyday handbag. Their fall ad campaign is elegant, refined and devastatingly glamorous.

The other brand that can do no wrong is of course, Tommy Hilfiger. Every season the “Hilfiger’s” hit the fashion climate directly on the nose without being too predicable or dull. This season’s burgundy’s, mahogany’s and brown’s (the REAL colors of this season) are classic and refined but still feels a little unexpected. I’d love to marry into this imaginary family… can that be arranged?

Finally, it was three brands that worked together to get a trend right, and it would be wrong to only mention one without mentioning the others.

Prada gets me every season, but they seemed to be the most literal with the fall’s “print and pantsuit” trend, a trend that I LOVE. It’s easy to see with the styling and color scheme that the inspiration is derived from the late 60’s, maybe early 70’s… with a very mod or groovy undertone. The pairing of color and bold prints is sassy without being ultra feminine or girly, and yet this is obviously a female-only trend.

In my opinion, J Crew has done it best and made the all over, mismatched print and bright colors trend truly wearable. I can only imagine that it must’ve been a difficult feat to make this flashy trend work for the office or recreation without resembling a costume!

Finally, as upset as I am that Miu Miu made Chloe Sevigny look like a lesbian David Bowie, I’m truly impressed with their fall collection. It definitely has a more masculine feel, but it’s a good middle point to Prada and J Crew’s take on the printed suit. It’s approachable and wearable, but only for those brave enough to commit to the trend!

Though it’s definitely a little out of my comfort zone, I think I’m feeling brave enough to try a printed pant or a printed shirt!


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