I Prefer Skin

The people that know me best know that I don’t wear jewelry. For me, jewelry gives me the feeling that something is weighing down or choking me. And obviously, I know this isn’t normal. I have considered the idea that I don’t like jewelry because it feels old fashioned and oppressive. The idea of a man putting a ring on a woman’s finger sounds a lot like a leash to me! Not that I don’t believe in wedding rings exactly, but I just don’t like the idea of the symbol or status that a ring represents. “Look at this very small but very expensive stone that I placed on my girlfriend’s finger! That means I love her!” I also have this thing about naked skin. I think unadorned skin is sexy. I’m attracted to tattoos and jewelry on other people but on myself I think it looks ridiculous. My skin has enough going on without drawing any extra attention to it! I once read an article where a married man mentioned this about his wife. That he found her most sexy when she was wearing simple clothes and no jewelry. And for some reason, that’s always stuck with me.

There is one large exception to my no-jewelry rule: watches. I can’t get enough of watches. My favorite kind are masculine, large watches with heavy bands and big faces. My mom has been kind enough to grace me with two beautiful watches, a silver one And a gold… But of course I still have my eyes out for 2 new styles. The first is just a simple brown leather band with a simple white face and numbers (I’m not a fan of Roman numerals or pretty dashes). Maybe something like this:

But I’ve also discovered another style of watch that I never even knew existed… the wood watch! I’d see a few people wearing them before but it wasn’t until I saw a display in a store in Ballard that I really fell in love. As you can probably tell from my house, I love the look of wood. I’ve even wanted to find a wooden case for my iPhone, but I never dreamed that there was such thing as a wooden watch! They’re light as a feather too, which makes them even more enticing. The drawback to loving masculine watches is that they usually carry a lot more weight to them! The brand, WeWood, is a do-gooder type as well. For every watch you buy, they plant a tree for the future! What do you think? Is this too crazy of an idea? I’m kind of in love with them!

3 thoughts on “I Prefer Skin

    1. hey glad i could help, its super cool hey. i have no idea how i clicked my way onto your blog, but have a great day from you mate from aus

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