Just Post-ing

There’s this wonderful scene in one of my favorite movies, 500 Days of Summer. Tom and Summer are on a date at an art gallery or museum. They’re looking at the weird, conceptual art with distaste and Tom suggests “Wanna go see a movie?” Summer nods and they race out of there.

This 15 second scene pretty much sums up my views on art and on movies. As ignorant as this might make me sound: I don’t understand art. I could spend the entire day in an art gallery or a museum and never be moved by what’s in front of me. I respect art, and there’s nothing wrong with it… I just don’t get it.

I vowed a long time ago that when I had a place of my own, I wouldn’t put art on the walls. No sketches or sculptures for me thankyouverymuch. I love photography, especially black and white, and I always envisioned having lots of family photographs on my walls. But I also like simpler things, like the American flag and the colorful charts on my walls. And I love that maps and colorful font posters have become more popular over time. But the one thing that I love, really love, are old movie posters. I have seen countless homes do it right like Charlotte Ronson’s Bridgitte Bardot poster in her California home:

Or this amazing yellow sofa & yellow Beatles poster combo But to be honest, there aren’t a lot of older movies that I like enough to want a movie poster of! I just loved the idea of bright colors and the bold text prints that were on the poster. So I redefined what I was actually searching for. I was looking for movie posters (of course) but with bright, fun colors and bright text instead of something more realistic or obvious. And THAT’s when I happened to come across minimalist movie posters. They were bright and fun with great text but there’s something whimsical about them too… like a story or comic book.

I absolutely love the realistic layout and bright color of this poster:

And I love this one for obvious reasons:

And of course I love when my favorite movies come in yellow:  And there were some movies that I don’t normally like, but had awesome posters: But there were some movies that I love that had terrible posters: 

What I really love about these is that they’re handmade and most of them I found on Etsy. I really like the idea that someone out there loves the movie as much as I do to make a new poster for it! And I’m not going to lie… I spent a little too much time looking at Star Wars and LOTR ones too! I almost bought the trio of LOTR at the Fremont Fair the other day, but I didn’t like The Two Towers poster… and the Two Towers was my favorite! (truly nerdy moment over) So what do you think? Are these totally crazy? Totally childish? Totally awesome? I haven’t bought anything yet because I’m still so up in the air about it!

One last thing: I saw this retro movie poster when I bought my prints in Ballard and I LOVED the colors. I LOVED the print. And I LOVED how sexy she is! But could this be taken a little too literally? Does this mean I’m a man hater? An uber feminist? That I’m a crazy woman? I really like it though!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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