Back to Basics

It’s easy for me to be distracted by a pretty sundress or sparkly shoes.

I admit… I’m a little ADD when it comes to clothes… but I always fall back on my basics. They’re the pieces that you can spend a lot or a little on and still always feel amazing in. They’re the bread and butter of your closet while that new dress you bought is the cupcake with sprinkles. Sure, it seems like a great idea at the time… but it might be something that you regret the next day. I’ve been compiling my basics for years, slowly adding in pieces that work perfectly. I thought I’d share here the pieces that I consider the basics and the staples… the clothes that everyone should have in their closet RIGHT NOW.

1. The White Button Up. Though hopefully yours is much less wrinkled than mine! Button ups are one of the sexiest things I wear. And I don’t mean in a va va voom kind of way… but in a less obvious, more understated way. When I think of button up shirts on girls, I immediately think of two things: 1. Wearing your boyfriend’s button up… with nothing else on. Now, I’ve never HAD this particular experience, but I can only imagine how sexy it could be and 2. Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction… the dancing before the overdose. She made a white button up look really, really good.

2. The Leather Jacket.  Maybe you think the leather jacket is too intimidating for you, but I assure you, leather jackets are only as scary as you make them out to me. Mine looks a little rough around the edges, but it’s only because I secretly think Jet was asking me to be their girl when they sang about big black boots and long brown hair. There’s always been a tough rocker girl buried deep inside of me somewhere. But my best friend has a simpler moto jacket in a caramel brown that suits her personality perfectly. It’s all about finding the right one.

3. The Knit Sweater.
You need a chunky sweater whether you live in San Diego or Seattle… trust me. There’s something so comforting about pulling on your most comfortable sweater on a cold day. I wear mine with summer dresses or jeans and boots, but let’s be real… I’ve worn it to bed too. I love cable knits, but they look pretty terrible on me. Just like jeans, you really have to try a few bad ones before you find the perfect fit… and it’s sooo worth it!

4. The Little Black Dress.
Now this dress may not be much to look at lying flat… but it looks phenomenal on. You can wear it to work (cardigan, heels), on a date (heels, jewelry) or to the farmers market (flats, demin jacket). It’s as close to a blank slate as you can get in fashion because a change of jewelry or jacket flips the outfit entirely. There’s really no way to go wrong with a LBD once you find the perfect fit.

5. The Plain Tee.  I’ve had this tee shirt for almost 4 years and it’s seriously one of my favorite pieces that I own. Oh… and it cost me 3 dollars. I’m not even joking… Old Navy, 3 dollars. I know some people that stock up on tee shirts, but for me it’s all about finding the right one. My favorite tee shirt is soft and worn, is a bit baggy (but not too baggy) and has a modest neckline. I feel amazing every time I put it on.

6. The Skinny Jean.  Remember when everyone was scared of skinny jeans? Or that period of time when everyone was wearing low-rise skinny jeans? I shudder at the memory of wearing Levi’s “Too Super Low Super Skinny”. Yes… that was their real name. Luckily I’ve matured… I now wear a higher rise and my legs don’t fall asleep if I bend down to pick something up. There was a time for a few years where I gave up on wearing jeans… simply because it’s that hard to find a style that fits. I really did get lucky when I came across these… they really are the perfect pair for me.

7. The Cardigan. I have a LOT of cardigans. Striped ones, polka dot ones, plain ones, baggy ones… the list goes on. I know there are some people out there are morally against the cardigan, but I think they’re more opposed to the Stepford wife sweater set ideal than the actual sweaters themselves. Cardigans didn’t ask to be worn by the 50’s housewife! You can’t blame them for being so comfortable and cute!

8. The Denim Jacket There is something so effortless about the denim jacket… it seems to relax every outfit. It’s the one piece of clothing I own that I would wear everyday if it no one noticed! Because I tend to wear darker denim pants, this lighter denim color makes it possible to wear denim on denim without looking like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s relationship.

9. The Cargo Jacket You won’t even know how much you love your cargo jacket until you own one. It’s comfortable and matches just about every outfit. It’s that last thing you throw on before you head out. I like that mine looks rugged, like something an outdoorsman would wear, but cinches at the waist to give me a shape.

10. The Flared (or Trouser) Jean  People will tell you to stick with one style of denim and they are totally wrong. Flared jeans just work with certain tops or jackets better than with skinny jeans. Denim is just important to any wardrobe. I could argue that everyone should have a boyfriend or ripped jean as well… but since I don’t have a pair at the moment, I’m leaving it out!

11. The Striped Tee Don’t even bother arguing with me on this one. Stripes are iconic. They look good on EVERYone. And don’t listen when people say that horizontal stripes aren’t flattering. They are!

12. The Black Pant  You need black pants for work or play. Just like the LBD, they’re the perfect blank slate. And while I find that they look best with a simple tee or cardigan, other people pair them with sexy heels and flashy top and it totally works for them too. It’s all about how you can play them up! I like that mine resemble leggings or jodhpurs , but you should buy whatever style makes you feel sexiest… whether it’s trouser or boot cut or straight.

13. The Blazer
Everyone needs a blazer. They’re just the epitome of classic clothing. People have been wearing blazers for hundreds of years and it’s not a trend that’s just going to die down soon. I’d say that most people prefer black or navy, but I liked this particular one because the off white is a little unexpected and not as formal. But… I also have black and navy blazers, so who am I to talk?

While this post seems a little female-centric, trust me when I say that with the LBD being the exception, all of these items are must have in male wardrobes as well. So dudes, please do yourself a favor and buy a leather jacket and a white button up if you don’t have them already!


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