Who Gets the Boot?

I’ve been dreaming of the day that I could own Frye boots for years. I promised myself that with my first “big girl” paycheck bonus I was going to treat myself to the sturdy, dependable boots that I’d coveted for so long. Why Frye? Because they’re guaranteed to last! Instead of buying a new pair every year, I can slip on my Frye’s when I’m in my late 20’s… my 30’s… my 40’s… get the idea? So really, they’re worth every penny! I think I know exactly which ones I want… but I thought I should ask for some advice all the same!

I want comfort, with a low heel and a lightweight material. I want “equestrian style” boots that go up to my knees (with these short legs, that’s not hard to do). I want brown, preferably light brown. Now… which one do you like best?

These two (especially the lighter color) are my absolute favorite, the “Paige“.

This style has always been a close second and is called the “Melissa“.

And these two are actually not Frye at all, but Clarks! I have a feeling that they could be a lot more comfortable than the Frye’s, but they probably won’t last half as long!

Finally, I made the move to Seattle… I’m going to need Hunter rain boots… eventually! The green is the classic and will match with everything but the yellow is my favorite color and such a big part of my personality! I’m torn between these two colors… what do you think?


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