A Little Bit

For the first time in a very long time I feel utterly calm. I honestly can’t remember a time that I’ve been so relaxed and laid back. My life has taken on a simple routine, one that I love and respect.

I wake up, I brew coffee. I get ready for work without really worrying about how I look. I meander to work while browsing the news on my Twitter feed and Instagram. I say “good morning” to every person I pass. At work I listen to music and stand up while I do my job. I spend my lunch breaks curled up on a lounge chair on the desk overlooking Lake Union and read whatever amazing book I have my hands on. At 5 o clock I meander back home up a wicked staircase and arrive at my house panting. I then grab that book from earlier and take a walk to the nearest park. I read for hours while soaking up the sun and watching the tourists. When I start to get cold or tired (whichever comes first) I head home and cook myself a small, simple dinner. A few hours later I fall asleep, just to start it all over again tomorrow.

It might sound a bit boring, but it’s absolutely what I’ve always wanted. When I leave work I feel this incredible lightness. I don’t have homework or an internship. I can do whatever I want with my time. This is absolute heaven to me. Not quite so suddenly, my life has taken a turn. I thought I might share some little moments with you.

Last Friday I made rosemary-roasted potatoes and watched Captain America… again. I bought two really cute, inexpensive dresses from H&M for my dad’s October wedding. The pink is a little more fun and sexy, but the green feels so retro to me… like something my grandma’s would’ve worn in the 60’s. Once I know what the rest of the family will be wearing I’ll decide which dress to go with! After returning a dress that brought back bad memories, I spent the money on fun straws and a colorful shirt. Though they aren’t my usual taste, they brighten me up and they don’t remind me of anything sad! After my initial first-time luck at the Fremont Antique Fair I haven’t had any luck since! Lucky for me, the weather was beautiful and rather than being disappointed, it feels good to know that I’m only buying pieces that I love and aren’t rushed or forced. I’m not that ashamed to say that I bought this slice because the boy who sold it to me is incredibly adorable, well dressed and seems strangely intelligent. Someone please stop me from going back! My walk to and from work is absolutely beautiful and always changing. One day daisies will be in bloom, the next day the hydrangeas and the next day berries.

My favorite smell in the world. These candles went on sale (seasonal, you know) and I ordered 4 of them! I want my home to reek of the delicious smell. I even bought my perfume because it smells like this!  I like to lay on my new bench and look out my window and up at the sky. Not a bad view I think! I like to pretend that I’m living in Brooklyn or someplace romantic like that, especially when one of my neighbors starts playing the piano at night. There’s nothing more beautiful to me than those moments. Who needs a book or movie when you have built in entertainment like that?  Everyday on my way to the park with my book I see this old, little car and wish it was mine. Also, since so many people have asked, I thought I might share where I printed these pictures! Obviously, I use Instagram for everything. I obsessively check it before bed, as soon as I wake up, when I’m walking to work, etc. I feel that the beautiful pictures I see everyday recharge me creatively, even when I’m doing very un-creative work! Also, because I no longer own a real camera, Instagram photos have taken over my blog. Not that I mind! (and I hope you don’t too!) Anyway, moving into a new workplace is scary, but I definitely wanted to take time to make my desk my own to show that I’m serious about staying and making my mark! I had seen on a blog not so long ago that once of my favorite Instagram-ers has printed her photos and put them on her refrigerator. Since that post, I had the idea that I wanted to do the same, but with my little desk corner. When I came across, Prinstagram I knew I had found the right way. Not only was the price good (only about $15!) but they came out crystal clear!

If you’re looking for a simple update or tiny inspiration, I highly recommend this!


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