The Importance of Being Stubborn

Stubbornness isn’t a trait that people usually admire. I think most people are actually ashamed of their stubborn tendencies. But I refuse to waste my time fretting over my “negative” qualities because usually, they’re the qualities that I like best about myself.

I am an incredibly stubborn person. Once I get an idea in my head, I lose all reason. That idea will be stuck there forever… unless someone comes up with a flawless reason for it NOT to be there. The other day, my stubbornness was further proven by a picture. I had been searching everywhere for a coffee table for my new house… but not just ANY coffee table. It had to look exactly right. I wanted it to look very mid-century and to be made of wood. I wanted it to be very long, roughly 3-4 feet. I wanted it to be surfboard-shaped, without looking like I plopped an old, wooden surfboard in the middle of my living room. So I searched near and far… antique malls and online furniture stores proved useless compared to the almighty Craigslist.

Side note: Did you know that I’m a professional Craigslist-er? I have a wonderful track record selling the most measly items for far more than they’re worth. I also meet the most interesting, kind people. I was even asked out once by a boy who bought my old violin! Tell me what you want to get rid of and I’ll write up the ad for you!

I’ve sold more things than I can count on Craigslist, but I had never bought anything for myself until I came upon my coffee table. It was beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for. The perfect coffee table. This is what it looks like:

But it was just last Sunday that I was flipping through some old photos on my phone when I came across this: I took this picture last June… well over a year ago. I saw this table in my hometown at a Goodwill-type place but hesitated and when I went back, it was gone (story of my life?) And THAT is just how stubborn I am! I waited over a year until I could find the exact piece that I wanted. Maybe you think I’m nuts… but I’m completely, totally happy with the coffee table that I waited so long to find!

But my stubbornness doesn’t lie dormant for long. I liked my apartment for one reason, and one reason only… the window. The window is ginormous and wonderful and I sit and stare out it all day long. But I had to sit on the ground. Or on the window sill (which always scared me). My aunt came up with the great idea of a bench. The funny thing is, I’ve always wanted a window seat but for some reason the idea of adding seating never occurred to me! So I started sleuthing. Again, I knew exactly what I wanted from this picture:

The picture comes from a DIY blog post. I was actually considering MAKING the dang thing because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. Then, things fell into place once again from Craigslist. The girl who sold it to me was incredibly sweet and gave it to me for only $25! Do you see the similarities?

My stubbornness and patience are finally paying off… I’m slowly but surely finding all the perfect additions to my home.


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